Our Solutions

VirEX - Safe and effective antiVirals

UNIVIV to launch our first  safe and effective human anti-viral formulations in APRIL 2020

We have been working  on safe anti-viral formulations for Zoonotic diseases, such as Influenza, RSV and Corona Viruses.  We have been successful in treating and preventing a range of common, lethal viruses in thousands of farm animals, especially pigs - for their own sake and also as a human model.


For ponds or RAS reduce COD, TSS and Ammonia using our unique microbiome enhancement technology

For immune system we deliver bioactives directly to the lymph system of aquatic animals


Reduce medications in  pigs ,poultry and ruminants using natural chemistries and enhanced micronutrients



Reduce COD, Ammonia and cut aeration costs in Waste Water Treatment

Extract value from manure and food waste streams