Safe and effective human anti-viral formulations


Safe and effective solution to improve, yield and improve morbidity and mortality rates


Significant reduction in waste water treatment costs


Our core mission is based on the One Health Triad. We are bringing to market safe technologies that are adaptable across species and sectors including human and animal health in the areas of antibiotic resistance and viral pandemic aversion. We are also focused on other areas of the One Health Triad including, but not limited to, soil and water health and the reduction of climate change gases.


Our Technologies work individually or in tandem to provide value at key steps in the food chain. All of our technologies are driven by science with a “One Health” philosophy that focuses on people, animals and the environment.


Natural, safe and effective antiviral treatment and prevention for animal and human viral infections, such as, influenza and corona viruses.

A unique method to enhance oral bioavailability of micronutrients and other bio-actives for humans and all species of farmed animals. Based on state of the art pharmaceutical techniques we can deliver a range from Antigens to Zinc.

OrEnhance is the key to transforming the effects of naturally occurring molecules from ordinary to extraordinary. Our recent trial work demonstrates powerful prevention and treatment of viral and bacterial infections. We have also shown advancements in bone, skin and reproductive health.

Microbiome enhancement based on archaea and other microbes. FloraVerse boosts the diversity and total population of healthy microbes in gut, soil and water. Archaea form the “baseline” in the microbiome symphony. By encouraging the presence of key strains we improve crop yields, animal health and performance and recycling of nutrients back to the Earth. Our current applications cross sectors where microbial abundance and diversity are essential, such as, gut health, soil health and waste water treatment.

Antimicrobial, antioxidant and antiviral extracts and derivatives from plants and other natural sources. By limiting our developments to naturally occurring chemistry we have discovered solutions for animal and human health that are demonstrably superior to current approaches, especially for managing infectious bacterial, viral or fungal disease. We are creating the future of medicine which will be safe, effective and sustainable.

Techniques to recover valuable energy and nutrients from waste streams. We are especially focussed on Nitrogen and Phosphorous from Biogas digestate and phosphorous from Dairy sludge.

AquaViv is based on a combination of specific microbes called Archaea combined with a specific variety of micronutrients. The Archaea in AquaViv bind with bacteria inherent in waste water and invigorate those bacteria to break down waste well beyond their normal capability with minimal requirement for chemical input.

AquaViv operates in an anoxic environment which reduces the oxygen demand in the whole wash system thus reducing the cost of aeration by up to 60% thus increasing throughput at much lower cost


Founded in 2018 by Martin Tighe. Our management and scientific team and collaborators is growing at home in Ireland and around the world. Univiv is at the forefront of solving some of humanities’ most urgent problems, including Antimicrobial resistance, pandemic aversion and ecosystem collapse.